Hunt Group

A hunt group is used to ring a specific group of users in a predetermined pattern within or across locations when a call is made to the phone number assigned to the hunt group. As business needs change, the admin can adjust the hunt group settings.

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Modifying a Hunt Group

Administrators can set up and modify hunt groups within the admin portal. To view and modify a hunt group, follow these steps:

  1. From the group dashboard, select Hunt Group under Group Services.ModifyingHuntGroup-1
  2. A list of the hunt groups assigned to this group/location are displayed.ModifyingHuntGroup-2
  3. Select the hunt group you would like to modify. This will bring you to the hunt group menu where the left-hand navigation refers to the settings available to modify.
    • Agents
    • Profile
    • SettingsModifyingHuntGroup-3


The Agents tab displays the agents assigned to this hunt group. To edit the assigned agents, select the Agents icon in the upper, right-hand corner.


  • Here you can see the Available and Selected agents. To assign/unassign an agent, simply click the agent’s name/contact information and the agent will move to the other list.
  • Use the arrows next to each agent in the Selected column to adjust the order in which the agents will ring, depending on the routing assigned.Agents-2
  • Select Save to save your changes.


The Profile in the left-hand menu is where you can view the hunt group profile details. Select the Settings icon to modify.


Here you can modify the following settings:

  • Service Name
  • Calling Line ID (CLID) Last Name
  • Calling Line ID (CLID) First Name
  • Phone Number
  • Extension
  • Password
  • Public Identity
  • Department
  • Language (for the audio announcements)
  • Time Zone
  • Alias


The Settings tab in the left-hand menu is where you can view the hunt group setting details, including the schedule assignments. Select the Settings icon to modify.


  1. Here you can modify the following:

    • General Settings
    • No Answer Settings
    • Not Reachable Settings
    • Calling Line ID Settings

Settings - General

  1. Under the General Settings, you can enable/disable the following:
    • Allow Call Waiting on Agents
    • Allow Members to Control Busy
    • Enable Group Busy
  2. Next, choose the Group Policy. This is how calls will ring into the agents assigned. Options include:
    • Circular - Choose this option to ring the phones one-at-a-time, always ringing the agents in the same order.
    • Regular - Select this option to ring phones one-at-a-time always starting with the agent configured at the top of the Selected list of assigned agents, followed by the agents listed beneath, in sequential order.
    • Simultaneous - Rings all assigned agents at once.
    • Uniform - Select this option to ring the agent in the group who as been idle the longest.
    • Weighted - Select this option to direct a certain percentage of calls to individual hunt group agents. Note: Users assigned a 0% weight will only receive calls if all other users are busy.

Settings - No Answer

  1. Check the box next to Skip To No Answer to enable this setting. Then select the number of rings.
  2. Check the box next to Forward After Timeout to forward calls after a set number of them. Then enter the number of seconds and the Forward To number.SettingsNoAnswer

Settings - Not Reachable

Check Enable Call Forwarding Not Reachable to forward calls to a specific number when no agents in the hunt group are able to answer. Then, enter the number to forward to in the Forward To field.


Settings - Calling Line ID

Modify the Calling Line ID settings here. Options include using the default CLID configuration or customizing.