Feature Access Codes

Feature Access Codes (also known as “star codes”) are entered through the phone keypad to control the configuration of certain features. For features that require additional input, follow the audible prompts to provide the required additional information.

Within the admin portal, the Feature Access Codes page shows all the functions you can perform by dialing the assigned code. If two codes are listed for a function (*34 or #88, for example), you can use either code. A feature access code can also be used as a prefix to a speed code.

To use a Feature Access Code, pick up the handset and enter the applicable code.

View Feature Access Codes

  1. From the group dashboard, in the left-hand menu, under Resources & Management, select Group Feature Access Codes.FeatureAccessCodes-1
  2. Here you can view the list of Feature Access Codes applied to this group/location.