You can reset your password and passcode from the User Portal.

Scroll to: Password | Passcode


  1. From the user dashboard, locate and click the Passwords tab in the left-hand navigation bar. The password page will show.01-passwords
  2. To change your Password, click on the Lock icon. The Edit Password window will appear.
  3. Proceed to enter your Current Password. Then enter New Password in the New Password field. When complete, re-enter the password in the Repeat Password field.
  4. Click Save when complete. Your new password will now be set.


  1. To change your Passcode, click on the Settings icon. The Edit Passcode window will appear. Enter your current passcode.01-passcode
  2. Proceed to enter your New Passcode in the New Passcode field. When complete, re-enter the passcode in the Repeat Passcode field.
  3. You can also have the system generate your password by clicking the Key icon. When clicked this will generate the same entry in both fields.
  4. Click Save when complete. Your new passcode will now be set.